Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Camps at LPE

Yesterday we wrapped-up our third week of great summer camps. Each week a new teacher joined me and we offered three very different programs and served kids from ages 3 to 12. Diverse groups that blended together wonderfully. It is always a pleasure to see how children in a multi-age setting reach out to one another and have fun while doing it.

Our first week of camp was La Semaine des Animaux. Kate Russell joined me and a dozen plus kids for a week of animal fun. Each day a new animal came to school, including Pong the rabbit, Lydia the lizard, several chickens and Jacques and Pierre the miniature goats. Also, Jean-Luc, the goldfish stayed on for the whole week. A great big "MERCI" to the Krikawas and the Sweets for sharing their much loved critters with us. Find lots of photos of Animal Camp on our new facebook page- La Petite Etoile French School.

Our second week of camp was a Une Semaine de Theatre. Assia joined me and 12 kids ages 5 to 12 for a fun week of songs, dancing, set/prop building and acting. On the final day the kids performed La Petite Chenille Qui Avait Tres Faim (The Very Hungry Caterpillar). As usual, they did a marvelous job, had tons of fun, and they did it all in French! Throughout the performance, we served the audience a meal consisting of everything that the caterpillar ate on her journey to becoming a butterfly. Hopefully without the dreaded "mal au ventre" experienced by the our insect friend. Here is a clip of the little caterpillar waking-up on Wednesday to gobble-up three plums.

Above, Isabelle is dressed in French provencial top and skirt.

For LPE's third week of camp we had guest teacher Veronique Proietto join us for French Week. Each day a new theme- la Tour Eiffel et Paris, castles, Impressionist painting, and pirates and mermaids. Veronique's enthusiastic presentation captured the energy of everyone as we build castles out of cardboard, searched for treasure, and created out own impressionistic masterpieces.