Books, music and other media
  • Vashon Library- our local library has a shelf dedicated to French books in the childrens section
  • King Count Library System has many books for kids in French that can be ordered from libraries throughout the county. Checkout
  • Vashon French School library 
  • ebay is a great resource for French resources
  • online stores like amazon and Barnes and Nobles also have a selection of French materials
  • itunes for music
  • youtube for French cartoons
  • Putamayo presents music cds, Paris, French Playground, and a new one called French Cafe are all fun for kids and adults.
  • youtube has short videos of Caillou and other French cartoons including Trotro l'ane (a donkey), and Petit Ours Brun (Little Brown Bear) and even Hello Kitty in French.
  • For music in poetry see